As an arbitral institution, PDRC does not itself resolve disputes. It administers arbitrations under the Rules, but the function of resolving disputes through arbitration rests on the arbitrators who are appointed in accordance with the Rules. PDRC ensures the proper application of and compliance with the Rules. [Article 2 (2), PDRC Administrative Guidelines]

Among others, PDRC performs the following functions in relation to the administration of arbitrations:

  • (a) Receive and communicate pleadings and other papers from the parties to the arbitral tribunal, or vice versa, and from one party to another;
  • (b) Monitor the arbitration process;
  • (c) Confirm appointments in arbitrations under the Rules;
  • (d) Resolve challenges to and replacement of arbitrators;
  • (e) Act as appointing authority;
  • (f) Exercise supervisory authority over arbitrators to ensure that they perform their functions with due diligence and efficiency in accordance with the parties’ arbitration agreement and the Rules;
  • (g) Fix, assess and collect provisional advances for arbitration fees;
  • (h) Resolve arbitration-related issues prior to the constitution of the arbitral tribunal, such as extension of time and appointment of emergency arbitrators;
  • (i) Arrange facilities and services to be provided during the arbitration;
  • (j) Provide information to parties on matters relating to the drafting of arbitration agreements or the adoption of appropriate rules to govern the conduct of arbitration for a speedy and fair resolution of their disputes; and
  • (k) Provide assistance on issues relating to joinder of parties or consolidation of arbitrations or as the arbitral tribunal may request in aid of arbitration. [Article 2(3), PDRC Administrative Guidelines]